In Latin America and the Caribbean legislation on the minimum age for marriage differs. In this section, a mapping of the legal status regarding minimum age for marriage is presented for each individual country.

The cultural, social and political contexts in Latin America and the Caribbean make it so the practice of early unions and child marriage manifests differently as compared to other regions of the world.

For that reason, the LAC / UT initiative seeks to inform, support, research, coordinate and influence how early unions are dealt with and prevented.

We are a Central America & Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) initiative that coordinates efforts to prevent and address early unions in Latin America and the Caribbean; coming from a youth perspective, we seek to address the practice of early unions with diverse local, national and international actors.

Our library is a resource center to learn more about early unions in Latin America.

You can find global, regional and national reports, research studies, essays, campaigns, forums … published or held from the year 2000 to the present.

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